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Our Present Future Youth Programme runs over one year and is aimed at 15 year olds. It covers a range of topics and has proved successful in more ways than we could ever have expected. How is works is, social workers put forward the names of 20 teenagers. Karen and a few board members assess the candidates.

The social workers, Karen and the board host an information session for the parents, caregivers and guardians.

All the aspects of the programme is explained and information shared so that everyone is on board with the plans. Then it all begins with a leadership camp, sponsored by donations from our donor base and corporates.

The Camp facilitators have a leadership checklist that they work off and a report on each teenager is given.

Now the real work and fun begins.

Karen takes the group through our tailor made Personal and Professional Leadership Development model. This includes workshops covering emotional intelligence, communication, mindfulness, personal brand management and stress management.

Over and above the model, linking in are Maths lessons, Literacy, Drama, Art, Dancing and Drug Awareness models. The program is not static and evolves as needs arise from the group. By the end of the year, 20 well rounded teenagers are equipped to take the valuable lessons learnt into their future.

Just to mention, graduates from the previous year, have put together their own group and have requested that we assist in them paying it forward so that others can benefit from what they have learnt. They have developed an attitude of constant growth and learning and we are extremely proud to experience this outcome. So in essence we will be running two groups very soon, one the Present Future Group new intakes and the Graduate Group who will be needing a programme based on a mentorship model which is still in the making.

Always front of mind, Kindness in all that we do.


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