Vision / Mission / Guiding Principles

Kindness starts with me …

When we started out, we needed common ground, a goal, a place on the horizon that would spur us on to work that much harder. We thought it would take us ages to arrive at a vision, mission, value statement. In fact, it took us half an hour, everyone on the same page from the get go!

Our Vision

To provide aid and assistance to communities who need it most Simple, uncomplicated and makes our work effective and sustainable

Supported by our mission:

Projects are evaluated against our experience and that of our committed team of volunteers. From this step we can offer aid and assistance in a meaningful way and also opening avenues for expression to our volunteers. Win win.

And our guiding principles are:

Fairness – in that we are not biased in selecting communities we serve.

Sincerity – in that we believe we are privileged to be able to assist these communities.

Transparency – in that we spend donor money as it was intended and keep our books in order to comply with good governance standards.

Kindness is all that we do.

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