Nutritious Meals

There are four main areas we cover with the healthy meals donations.


As part of all the projects we do, there’s a catering element.

Can’t teach young minds with hungry tummies.

Our elderly cannot function properly without their medication and to take this, they need food in their tummies too.

When we cater on all of our projects, we try and provide a healthier cost effective option.

Meal Packs

We intend also using some of the funds for our meal packs and jars of hope that can readily be handed out by social workers. This little pack goes a long way!

Cooking for Meals on Wheels

As part of our paying it forward approach, we facilitate an opportunity to cook with Meals on Wheels for various communities. We put together teams of elderly and youth to create an avenue for them to show gratitude for what they receive from us.

June 16 Cupcake drive

Our Present Future Group use Youth Day to bake and decorate cupcakes that are distributed into old age homes in Ivory Park.

Their way of paying it forward and expressing and attitude of gratitude.

Kindness in everything we do … even filling tummies!


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