Spreading some Kindness in the North West

Kindness Corporation and Gaopotlake Secondary School. Mokgalaneng have a well established relationship.  Firstly because Sinnah Ramakhula, one of our board members, put forward this school to receive fabric masks in the early stages of COVID lockdown.  Kindness Corporation with the support of our donors, produced 1567 fabric masks for the entire school.  Sinnah spent her early years in the area, hence her passion for the schools there. 

The principal, Mr Ntuane Mataboga and the board of Kindness Corporation have become close and he keeps us informed about the school’s achievements and challenges.  A message came through in February that the matrics of 2020 had achieved an unprecedented pass rate of 95%!

We needed to show support to the new Grade 12’s, the management as well as educators of the school in the best way we know how so we offered them our custom made COVID19 presentation which was delivered by Karen where she concentrated on stress management, resilience and levelling up.

Our team, made up of Karen, Cynthia (the driver) and Sinnah set off at the crack of dawn to the North West, armed with a flask of coffee and delicious koeksisters provided by Karen’s mom. Getting there in a small car and dodging potholes tested Cynthia’s driving skills to the max. We arrived at the school and were greeted with a couple of cattle crossing the entrance, a few pigs wandering in the car park and best of all, the broadest smiles from the learners.  Hats off to the school for having COVID protocols in place… everyone’s health and wellbeing was considered.

The team was treated like celebrities!  They were surprised to find Mrs Masipa, the Circuit Manager Department of Education in attendance.  It was heart-warming to see that there is a good working relationship between the school management and the Department of Education.

The learners filed into their seats,  the screen was up, the sound system on and (just to mention), the projector was moved so far back it was in the plants! The session was ready to start with much anticipation… The programme director laid out the order of events, there was a prayer said and Karen was introduced. 

Then it happened. The connection was made, jokes were cracked- soft giggles and belly laughs.  Much common ground was established – COVID19 had affected all of our lives – So…What now?

After all was said and done, Karen received a frame certificate acknowledging the support of Kindness Corporation and the spontaneous hug from the principal caused whoops and giggles.  That wasn’t the end.  The snacks and juices rolled out and some quality time was spent chatting to the educators and Mrs Masipa and of course the learners cornered Karen for some information around motivational reading. 

Team Kindness left Gapotlake Secondary School with happy hearts.  Thanks to our donors and sponsors, together, the team could make a difference in the lives of approximately 80 learners. 

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