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The third wave is upon us and the rate of infection and fatalities is frightening, but more so when you’re on the front line!  Our generous donors, Mr Rory Goncalves MD, and Mr Ashley Stevens Operations Lead, Dawon South Africa (Pty) Limited donated another consignment of 200 000 3 ply disposable masks to Kindness Corporation to distribute to communities that need it most.

Our board was unanimous in its decision on the allocation, Gauteng, front line health workers … we needed to move this donation fast, and the third wave is upon us.

First nomination, the recently qualified nurses graduating from WITS Medical School Faculty of Nursing … no graduation ceremony, you’ve passed, out into the community you go!  With the recent fire at Charlotte Maxeke Academic hospital, a large amount of the PPE was damaged by the vast amounts of smoke.  These students/staff were purchasing their own masks to stay safe.  Thanks to DAWON (Pty) Limited, we could assist with 50 000 masks.  Just in time for the Phelophepa train to Dube Station Soweto.

A little more about this special train, there are five clinics on board, nursing, psychology, dentistry, optometry and pharmacy services and they are equally busy.

The train has approximately 19 coaches, with seven used for the clinic, and sees an average of 525 patients a day. It stays a maximum of two weeks in one area at a time, depending on local demand and the size of the community.

Before the train’s arrival, Phelophepa, Transnet, hires social mobilisers – local unemployed people – who spread the word in the community about the coming clinic and its services. Radio adverts and loud hailers are also used to spread the message.

A high police presence and Transnet’s own security services keep a watchful eye on this special train and its waiting patients overnight.

This mercy train criss crosses South Africa for nine months of the year.  Hats off to our young doctors and nurses!

We had a balance of 150 000 masks and next distribution point, Department of Health Regions A, E & F. All the clinics, mobile clinics and vaccination sites in Johannesburg Environs.  Again, front line workers.  On speaking to the Deputy Directors of the Regions, we discovered that people were showing up at clinics with advanced COVID symptoms because the hospitals are full and they don’t know where else to go.  Vaccination sites are getting very busy now with the acceptance of walk ins 50 plus, also the vaccination sites have people arriving with no masks on! 

Before the masks were handed over, there was paperwork galore!  The Department of Health has an emergency donation process and my oh my, it’s stringent!  All done and dusted, arrangements were made to hand over the stock.

The elephant in the room was all the corruption going on and we were assured by all present that the masks will be delivered to all the clinics urgently as there’s a great need for them.  Again Dawon South Africa (Pty) Limited you have contributed to our front line workers, those people at great risk to serve the people of South Africa.  We thank you!

We now have a balance of 70 000 masks and they are earmarked for rural clinics in villages in Hammanskraal.  Interesting distribution system in place there via the Chief!  I’ve met a Queen in Lesotho, now I’m going to meet a Chief!

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