100 loaves bread run

The humble bread project!

June 16th was actually the launch of this humble programme.  VMLY&R an advertising agency situated in Sandton, who kindly donated Foundation hours to Kindness Corporation by assisting with the website design and our LevelUp Youth Programme branding donated R3 500 towards this cause.  The board and LevelUp Youth group cooked for the homeless and 125 loaves of bread was donated on that day.

Then came an appeal which was made on NewzRoom Afrika by Jean Bwasa from Rights2live Foundation on behalf of groups of Congolese nationals living in the Rosettenville, Turffontein areas in Johannesburg.  The unrest and lockdown measures have made it impossible for these communities to sell their wares on the streets of Johannesburg to earn a living.  Jean was appealing to the public to support their drive for basic food to sustain these communities until things returned to the new normal. 


As with all our projects, we research the backgrounds of the organizations we donate to so that we are sure the donations are reaching the intended communities.  A quick call to Glynne from the Angel Network set our minds at ease and we confirmed with VMLY&R that we could use the balance of their donation to the Right2Live Foundation.

Negotiations ensued with Pick n Pay Senderwood, head baker Gezani, who by that time was overrun with the demand from bread as the local shopping centres had closed due to the unrest.  Gezani took on the challenge at a challenging price and produced 3 weekly orders of 100 breads for this community.


When Jean and Nicole collected the breads, they were still warm and the smell was comforting.  Communities in Regents Park, Turffontein, Rosettenville and Jeppestown welcomed Jean and Nicole with their car full of bread into the areas.  Donations of tinned goods, soaps, sugar and milk were sent along with the breads as we received them. 

The gratitude of these communities was overwhelming and we hope our humble bread project grows from strength to strength in the future. 


This new approach of NPO’s/NGO’s supporting one another is the direct result of COVID-19.  All of us holding hands and contributing with what we have in the way of skills and resources.  May this be the way forward for South Africa.

If you would like to donate to this project, use our website or transfer your donation into our banking account with your name and BREAD as reference.


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